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Adam Yellowlees 1996 - 2014

The College community were saddened and shocked to hear of the tragic passing away of Adam Yellowlees on Saturday 5 July 2014. Adam was a delightful student, who left the College in June 2012. He was respected by staff and students alike and will always be remembered for his gentle nature and infectious smile. Our condolences and best wishes go to Adam’s family at this difficult time.

A tribute to Adam was written by Ms Thompson and students from his learning mentor group.

Simon Potten, Headteacher

Adam Yellowlees – a tribute from MLT – Adam’s old learning mentor group

The first thing everyone in the form always remembers about Adam (apart from the height!!) is that he was always smiling and was always friendly. Although he could be a quiet young man, Adam was very funny and the boys in particular in our form really enjoyed his humour and his easy going ways. He was such a friendly and approachable student that I would often find Adam in his usual corner chair with younger students at all the nearby desks. They would choose to sit near him and often sought him out to enjoy his company. As his Learning Mentor I found Adam to always to be good humoured, amiable and he had the most engaging warm smile. We all spent a lot of time with Adam and his inseparable buddy, Reece, in the Christmas of 2011 when Adam was in Year 11. As this was to be his final Christmas as part of MLT, Adam wanted to make more contribution than ever to the form’s entry into the Christmas decoration competition. We would all work together every lunch time stringing up thousands of cotton wool balls as fake falling snow and Adam would effortlessly stroll around and pin them up on the ceiling for us. He enjoyed his role as Champion Snow Ball Hanger! In his quiet and understated way Adam would keep an eye on the younger boys as they too tried to join him and scrambled up onto tables to try to reach the ceiling and when disaster loomed he would intervene and take over just to keep them safe. No one told Adam to do this – he was just our Big Friendly Giant.

Adam was a genuinely charming and engaging young man and he was a pleasure to have in the form. He was very laid back and when I would be dancing up and down to try to get his Graphics coursework up to date, Adam would smile at me with good humoured tolerance and then go his own way! He was always unhurried and unflappable even when deadlines loomed! He rarely asked for help in class and throughout all his reports from Year 7 to Year 11 his teachers would comment on his positive attitude and the way in which he was gaining confidence.

I asked the form to think of words they would associate with Adam. ‘Funny and friendly’ were the words chosen by several of them. But as everyone said ‘he was always smiling’ and that is the lovely memory of a lovely young man we were privileged to have in our form.

We have published our offer to children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities.

Please click on the links below to read the document.


SEND Offer Word Document

Robertsbridge Community College is starting DofE bronze award in September 2014 for pupils from the age of 14 to 16 and we are looking for Adult leaders and volunteers/ helpers to help run the award. Anyone interested in doing their bronze award or being a leader or helper please contact Mr Anthony Hougham DofE Co-ordinator by email


Please click on the link below to visit the DofE website to find out more about the award.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Year 6 Transition Week

Is your child coming to Robertsbridge Community College in September 2014? If so DO NOT miss out on this opportunity

From Monday 18th to Friday 22nd August there will be a transition event including team building events, workshops in arts/crafts, sports, drama, ICT and other exciting events. The cost is £12.50 per day or £50.00 for the whole week. Funding is avaliable for FSM/LAC.

If you would like your child to attend please contact Tracey Ash on 01580 880360 ext 121 or email tash@robertsbridge.org.uk

Year 6 Transition Project Poster

Summer Activities at RCC

Robertsbridge Community College will be holding various Sports Classes over the summer and into the new school year.

On July 28th Tottenham Hotspur will be running a Football Roadshow for 5-15 year olds, with official Tottenham Hotspur coaching staff.

From 4th August to 8th of August there will be multi-sport events and football coaching from PDFA for 4-13 year olds. The football coaching will also be happening from 11th August to 15th August.

From September 22nd Hatha Yoga will be running a class from 7-8:30pm.

For more information on each event, including how to book please click on the links below.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Roadshow

Multi-Sports and Player Development Football Academy

Hatha Yoga

Dance Camp

Learn street dance and contemporary dance with Laura Linch. Classes are Monday 28th July - Wednesday 30th July 10am - 3pm for ages 8 and over.

Please bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink. Parents are invited to watch a final day showcase at 1.30pm on Wednesday 30th July.

If you would like your child to attend please contact Tracey Ash on 01580 880360 ext 121 or email tash@robertsbridge.org.uk

Dance Camp Poster

Musical Theatre & Dance Workshop

Kids who dream of life in the limelight will be in for a treat this school summer holiday!!! Your child will get the chance to learn different dance styles and learn songs from popular West End shows. The work shop will cater for children 4-6yrs and 7+

Children will have the opportunity to participate in as many or as little classes as they would like… There will be discounts available.

Contact India on 07432666125 (email india@esspa.co.uk) or Kimberley on 07917845221 (email Kimberley@esspa.co.uk

Musical Theatre Poster