Robertsbridge Community College



Welcome and thank you for showing an interest in our College.

Robertsbridge Community College is a popular, energetic and welcoming all-inclusive 11-16 school situated in a thriving village. It is a College where we are as passionate about developing our students as we are about developing our staff.

Our vision at Robertsbridge Community College is clear: to ensure that we constantly challenge ourselves and our pupils to aspire to be our very best, enjoying learning and being active members of the College. We offer a wide range of subjects, ensuring that we cater for a diverse range of interests and aptitudes. We expect the highest standards of behaviour, respect and tolerance for others. In addition, every pupil is expected to work hard to make the best of everything that the College has to offer through our curriculum and our enrichment opportunities.

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College Life

We have produced a short video overview of our College - hear from our students and staff about what College life is like. 


We have also produced a series of short videos that provide an introduction to each of the subjects that make up our curriculum. To view these please click the link below:

Subject Video Tours




COVID-19 Information & Remote learning:  

All information regarding the College's repsonse to the current pandemic can be found here.

We follow the offical guidance and therefore have a comprehensive system of control measures in place to reduce risks as much as possible. 

Our focus is providing the highest quality teaching, and we are committed to running the College as safely as possible.

During lockdown, we delivered asynchronous, on-demand learning remotely. All work was accessed through Class Charts. You can find examples of the fantastic work that our students produced and further information here.



Robertsbridge Community College are proud to be part of this inititative to help eradicate hate (both online and in person) in our communities. 

PC Williams gives a short video introduction of the campaign.

Have You Logged on to ClassCharts yet?

We are using ClassCharts for - among other things - homework and rewards. Parents and students have access via the portal or through the dedicated app. If you haven't logged in yet, and would like to - see our ClassCharts page on this website.


Robertsbridge is a small college which was built in a time when cars were less common. Access to the site is via a fairly narrow cul de sac. At peak times, such as the start and end of the college day, and during major parent events, the site is busy.

For these reasons, and to reduce vehicle movement on site while students are entering and leaving the buildings, we request that parents do not drive on to the site unless essential and instead drop and collect students who are driven to college at the crossroads between Knelle Road and Langham Road or another suitable nearby location. Please also be mindful of our neighbours, ensuring that you do not block their driveways when waiting to collect your child at the end of school.

For more information on transport to and fro the college, take a look at our Transport page.