Robertsbridge Community College


The Computing department at Robertsbridge Community College provides students with opportunities to experience a range of software applications and hardware to develop their understanding and confidence in a highly dynamic subject. Digital skills are crucial to success in the world of work; therefore, the curriculum is designed to provide students with these vital skills.

Key Stage 3

Students in KS3 will cover topics such as:

In Year 7

  • Emailing – etiquette and structure
  • An understanding of the basic computing components; hardware and software
  • Computational Thinking skills, looking at computing pioneers such as Alan Turing
  • Developing an Interactive Multimedia Product
  • Programming concepts using a micro:bit and Scratch

In Year 8

  • Web Design using HTML
  • Designing control programs using Flowol
  • Representing data using Sound and Images
  • Programming concepts using Python
  • Using technology creatively to develop a range of digital skills.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students can choose Computer Science as a GCSE option, where they will study the subject in greater depth. The subject is engaging and practical and encourages students to be creative and solve problems. Students will be required to program solutions to problems and develop programming techniques using Python as well as study a range of theoretical concepts including Systems architecture, Hardware and Software, Storage, Networks, Security and Data representation. Students will also be expected to develop an awareness and be able to discuss and evaluate ethical, legal, cultural and environmental issues. To be successful, students need a range of skills that include logic, problem-solving and resilience along with lots of inspiration!