Robertsbridge Community College

Duke of Edinburgh

Pupils in Year 9 and 10 at Robertsbridge Community College have the opportunity to complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is very highly thought of by potential colleges, universities and employers.  An increasing number of pupils are signing up for this worthwhile and challenging award, with over 40 pupils starting the qualification in each of the last few years.

To qualify for their award, the pupils have to complete a practice expedition (two days and one night) in the local area and an assessed expedition (again for two days and one night) on the beautiful South Downs.  They have to carry all of the equipment they need and navigate between checkpoints using a map and compass.  The pupils have to work together as a team and be responsible for each other, enhancing their teamwork and communication skills, not to mention their resilience, helping them to cope in the increasingly demanding modern world.

The pupils also have to complete their volunteering, physical and skills sections, spending between three and six months on each section.  This can be anything from  helping in a care home, learning to play an instrument, improving physical fitness or learning to cook.  The majority of the pupils complete the award by the end of Year 9.

The scheme is supported by a number of volunteers, most of whom teach at the college.  Any equipment needed can be hired from the college, meaning that all students who want to do so can participate.

For further information please contact Mr Healey or Mr Vincent at the College, or take a look at the DofE site via the following link:

 Social Value Certificate

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we are immensely proud of the dedication, effort and achievement of our Duke of Edinburgh participants. Between April 2020 and March 2021, participants from the College spent 26 hours volunteering, with a social value of £118.30 for these hours.

Between April 2021 and March 2022, participants from the College spent 65 hours volunteering, with a social value of £300.30 for these hours.

DofE Social Value Certificate 2021.pdf

DofE Social Value Certificate 2022.pdf