Robertsbridge Community College

Meet our Careers Adviser

Wendy Coxeter           

"As the youngest of our 3 daughters entered Year 11 at Robertsbridge Community College in 2019 I offered to volunteer to work alongside Mrs Linch the Careers Leader.  All 3 of our daughters had enjoyed their time at RCC.  I had served time on the Friends of Robertsbridge Community College and wanted to ‘give back’ in some small way whilst learning more about the Careers Programme at the college.

After only a short while, I was offered funding towards my Level 6 Careers Information and Guidance qualification and thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning both theory and practice of good career guidance.

Schools have a statutory duty to ensure that pupils are provided with independent and impartial careers guidance.  I am independent in that although I am employed by East Sussex County Council and Robertsbridge Community College we do not have a 6th form for me to ‘champion’ and I am ‘impartial’ as showing no bias towards a particular training or work option. 

Advice helps students to interpret information and apply it to their own situation; guidance is the indepth support provided to help students explore their options and make informed choices that are best for them. The full range of education and training options including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways can be confusing and 1:1 careers guidance allows time to explore with the students which pathway would suit them best.

My own thoroughly squiggly career, my formal qualifications and my ‘qualification by experience’ as a mother of RCC students should give you confidence that I can offer a high quality service to students.  I firmly believe that students with a vision for their future zoom in on the importance of every lesson as a step towards their goal." 



If you would like to book an appointment with our Careers Adviser, please contact the Careers Leader Laura Linch -