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Modern Foreign Languages

Our curriculum intent

Students at Robertsbridge are fortunate to have the opportunity to study two different modern foreign languages, French and Spanish.


We want to equip students with the confidence and skills to visit, study, live or work in a French speaking country. To enable this, we equip students with the analytical skills they require to notice patterns, similarities and differences between English and French.

Students will become more confident speakers as we have a sustained focus on practical spoken French that students are likely to encounter and use. Students will become more tolerant as we engender an awareness and appreciation of the cultural differences and similarities between the students’ home culture and Francophone (French speaking) countries.


To enthuse students about language learning and to equip them with the skills and confidence to speak Spanish. We aim to do this by teaching a wide range of vocabulary coupled with the appropriate grammar and structures of the Spanish language.

We will focus on real life transactional language that will help students to understand and communicate confidently in Spanish speaking countries. Equally, we will raise awareness of cultural and geographical aspects of Spain and the wider Hispanic world. In addition, we would like to inspire students to continue language studies beyond their time at Robertsbridge. This could take the form of learning additional languages and/or continuing to improve their Spanish skills.

What this looks like in practice

In Year 7, all students study three terms of French followed by three terms of Spanish. In Year 8, students elect to study either French or Spanish for the entire year. At the end of Key Stage 3, students have the option of studying their chosen language to GCSE level.

Modern Foreign Language lessons are lively and engaging; we use a variety of teaching and learning strategies to ensure that all students enjoy their learning. Additionally, all GCSE students are given access to computer-based learning facilities to aid their learning. These resources are also available at home.

Curriculum overview

Detailed information about the curriculum for each year group can be found in the document below.

Curriculum Map - French 2022.pdf

Curriculum Map - Spanish 2022.pdf

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