Robertsbridge Community College


Music at Robertsbridge is enriching, modern and exciting through the OCR GCSE Music 9-1 exam board. As a department we also conduct a Christmas and Summer show every year that gives all students the opportunity to showcase their skills and build confidence through performing.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Elements of music

  • Understanding how songs are pieced together
  • Learning how to compose music

Rhythms of the world

  • African djembe drumming
  • Brazilian samba
  • Greek music
  • Palestinian and Israeli music
  • Indian music

Pop Music

  • Understanding structures of songs
  • Composing pop songs
  • Analysing songs in detail

Year 8

Instruments of the Orchestra

  • Learning about the families of instruments in the orchestra; strings, woodwind, brass, percussion
  • Composing orchestral music

Film Music

  • How film composers create music
  • Composing music based on emotion
  • Understanding themes and ideas

Performance Skills

  • Creating bands, working alongside others to replicate songs
  • Composing music as a solo artist and also as a band

Key Stage 4

If students choose music at GCSE level, their knowledge and understanding Is then further developed through compositions, performances and specific theory content. We focus are aim towards the following:


  • Ensemble
  • Solo


  • Free composition
  • Composition to a brief

Theory lessons

  • Theory lessons in all areas of study  - Rhythms of the world, concerto through time, pop music, film/game music.