Robertsbridge Community College

Our Strategic Priorities

Our aspiration is to become a centre for excellence, underpinned by inspirational leadership at all levels. The College uses a 5-Year Strategic Plan (2019 to 2024) to map out the key objectives that form the basis of our journey  towards our aspiration. Each of the objectives is mapped out into three phases to help explain how it will be developed across the life of the strategic plan - 'Develop', 'Implement', 'Embed'. The phases build upon each other to ensure that the change is profound rather than superficial. Currently there are twelve objectives in the plan:

1. Implement a child-centred framework for teaching and learning, acknowledging the unique needs of each student (‘The Learning Loop’)

2. Support the improvement of teaching practice by offering ‘little-and-often’ coaching feedback to teachers.

3. Create a bespoke CPD programme to improve pedagogy, develop the Learning Loop, and encourage the sharing of best practice.

4. Develop a team of Lead Practitioners for Teaching & Learning, who make a significant impact on the practice of others.

5. Design and implement a new approach to student feedback, which is in-the-moment and encourages self-driven reflection.

6. Strengthen wider leadership across the College by defining roles, establishing a collaborative QA framework, and providing substantial leadership CPD opportunities.

7. Redefine and widen our curriculum offer, by crystalising a clear curriculum intent which drives the learning in every subject area.

8. Co-create a set of cultural and social norms that define our ethos, values, and expectations around interpersonal relationships.

9. Redesign the approach to Inclusion with a focus on ‘additional needs’ in the broader sense, utilising an Inclusion Panel referral system to more accurately target intervention and support.

10. Develop a coherent approach to wellbeing and safety, ensuring that students thrive at the College.

11. Harness the power of student voice by implementing structures, roles and mechanisms that encourage and drive change.

12. Optimise the learning environment by updating, refurbishing, and expanding our buildings.

To evaluate our progress against each of the objectives above, we will gather evidence from a variety of sources, both internal and external. Sources of evidence could include, but is not limited to: quality assurance processes under our quality assurance framework; governor monitoring visits; external partner visits; student, staff, and parent voice; supportive lesson drop-ins and summarised feedback identifying trends; Lead Teacher and Lead Learner input; and surveys. 

5 Year Strategic Plan 2019 to 2024.pdf

Strategic placemats - our objectives in practice

The objectives from our 5-Year Strategic Plan are organised into two strategic ‘Placemats’ as follows:

Quality of Education:

  • Improving pedagogy
  • Clarifying the curriculum
  • Developing and strengthening wider leadership

Culture and Aspirations:

  • Developing and embedding cultural norms
  • Creating a dynamic system for inclusion
  • Ensuring all students thrive

The placemats summarise the key initiatives that are planned as part of our journey towards achieving our objectives. They also help to clarify lines of accountability, which is key to the role our governors play. Importantly, each placemat has sections for:

  • Self-reflection - outlining the Senior Leadership Team’s thoughts about the College
  • Monitoring & Evidence - capturing thoughts from governors, staff, parents, students, and College quality assurance processes.

The placemats are working documents and will therefore evolve as the College progresses through its improvement journey.  

Strategic Placemat - Quality of Education February 2022.pdf

Strategic Placemat - Culture and Aspirations February 2022.pdf

Other strategic documents


School Planning 2021-22 Tiered Approach.pdf