Robertsbridge Community College

Assertive Mentoring

We have been running an Assertive Mentoring scheme at RCC based on research of systems in other educational establishments which have seen results rise dramatically over a period of time.

It is a system whereby the pupil’s learning mentor views the levels of progress of each student in the mentor group termly, at the exit of progress data, and prioritises students to mentor and support. Students are selected if they are underachieving in 3 or more subjects and are met on a one to one basis regularly.

Assertive Mentoring focuses the student on strong, hard data evidence, regarding progress and attitude to learning, and the mentor discusses successes with students, and targets areas for improvement. Targets are set with students in order to accomplish maximum potential, necessary actions are agreed by student and mentor, and an action plan is then drawn up. Direct interventions are focused on the cause of the underachievement, solutions are concrete and measurable.

This scheme has meant stronger collaboration between staff and students, and staff with colleagues in order to focus on how, exactly, students are to get from where they are to where they should be. This should ensure that all students are forecast to make three or more levels of progress in each subject during the course of their education at RCC.

Statistics so far indicate that this process has been hugely valuable and very successful.