Robertsbridge Community College

Cashless Payments

At Robertsbridge we are use 'sQuid' to enable parents to pay for catering at the college, for trips, resources and other items.

This is an online payment system with the ability to store payment card details for faster payments, view your transaction history online, and receive payment confirmation via email.

Where do I start?

As we introduce sQuid, we will send you your unique registration details so that you can create a sQuid account and top up your account online.

Create a sQuid account

All you need to do to get started with sQuid is to create a sQuid account.

You should have received a registration letter from us with your own unique 16 digit sQuid registration number and a 3 digit security code.

Go to to create your sQuid account and enter that registration number and security code. You will then be able to top up your account and view your balance and transactions.

Log in to your sQuid account

Go to to login to your sQuid account to check your balance, top up or update your personal details and preferences.

Need help?

In the event of any difficulties using the system it might be useful for parents to know that there is a page at the following location which contains a range of helpful resources and should answer most queries:

The sQuid app

The sQuid app is free to download on iOS and Android devices and you may find it a quicker, more convenient way to access, manage and top up your online sQuid account. 

To download the sQuid App on iOS and Android devices, please click on the appropriate download links below, or search for ‘sQuidcard’ in the relevant stores.

App Store: sQuid App

Google Play Store: sQuid App