Robertsbridge Community College


About ClassCharts

The college makes use of a system called ClassCharts which provides a range of functionality for teachers: seating plans, the ability to set homework, behaviour management etc. It also provides access to parents so that they can benefit from the information the system holds - so that, for example, you can see the homework you child has been set.

How to Obtain Your Account Details

We make the parents codes for ClassCharts available through the other parent portal we provide (EduLink One), so if you haven't already got EduLink access you'll need to start there. There's another page on this website that talks about Edulink.

Then follow the steps below:

  • Log in to EduLink One
  • Click into the Documents section (where you find reports)
  • It will be marked as report, but if you look at the filenames you should see one with 'classcharts' in the name. Open / download that file.
  • That file will contain both your parent code, and the information you need to make use of it - where to download the app etc.

About the ClassCharts App

You can obtain the ClassCharts app for a mobile device from Apple's App Store or Google Play.

Student Access to ClassCharts

Students also have access to ClassCharts via their own access code. Students are provided with their code when they start at the college. In the event that your son / daughter has forgotten / lost their code they will need to speak to their Learning Mentor who can check this for them.