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Parents' Information

Your involvement

The involvement of the parents / guardians in the lives of our students is vital to ensure that the full potential of the individual is reached.

All students have a planner and this is the main vehicle of communication between college and home. We ask that parents check the planner routinely for basic information, it includes simple messages to and from home and details of homework. Parents are required to sign the planner each week.

We encourage parents to play a full part in their child’s learning and development at school. We believe that if we are to ensure the best provision for every child, then we must build a strong partnership and an inclusive community ethos

From their first day with us, every student is assigned a Learning Mentor who is available to offer guidance and support and regular contact with home. We hold parents’ evenings, curriculum and celebration events to ensure that you have the best possible information regarding your child’s education. Headteacher’s surgeries are also available to all students and parents. These are an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the Headteacher in a positive and confidential setting.

The Robertsbridge Home-School Agreement

The education of all students is a three-way process between student, college and parents.

We value the part that parents play in supporting students at the college. The Robertsbridge Home-School Agreement forms the basis of the values that underpin this working relationship.

Our Shared Expectations (Students, School Staff & Parents /Guardians)

We want our wonderful students to take their place in society as successful learners with the resilience, awareness, adaptability, subject knowledge and emotional intelligence to learn and grow throughout long, healthy lives.  To achieve this our college works as a connected learning community built around the following shared social, pro-learning norms:

Respect For Others & Yourself

Every student, parent and member of staff has the right to respect and the responsibility to show that respect to all other members of our learning community.

High Expectations Of Yourself & Others

Every student, parent and member of staff has the responsibility to set the highest of expectations for themselves and to see these high personal expectations reflected in the responses, behaviours and activities of other members of our learning community.

Grit & Determination

To achieve excellence in anything, every member of our community must be prepared to show grit and determination.  Skill development only comes through focused, ongoing deliberate practice. Set-backs are steps on the journey to achievement; mistakes and failure are rich learning opportunities and should be treated as such.

Social, Community & Personal Responsibility

We are a learning community and have a responsibility to care for others in our school.  If any parent, student or member of staff is concerned about the welfare of anyone they have a responsibility to ensure that information is passed on and should expect mutual support and care from everyone in our community in a similar manner.

Kindness & Curiosity

Change is a constant in human life and in all our learning journeys.  Some changes are expected and welcome, some are not. All change is best grasped with an open, curious mind and personal development accelerates when learners are kind to themselves when they make mistakes.  Feedback for learning is to be expected and every member of our community can be expected to be supported in their learning and growing.

Excellent Focus, Organisation & Opportunity

For our students to achieve their very best they need to be focused, organised and seize the opportunities they experience in school and through extra-curricular clubs.  Parents and school staff will support these aims by offering advice, guidance and maintaining high expectations of students in taking personal responsibility for own learning.  Our aim as a community of professionals, governors and parents supporting our students is to take every opportunity to build self-efficacy, self-esteem and resilience to survive and thrive in adult-life.

Keeping up-to-date

The college operates Edulink One and ClassCharts to enable effective communication with parents, and access to a web portal and app which will help keep you informed about events, homework etc, access reports and track attendance - among various other functions.

You can find more information on these two systems on their respective pages on this site:

About EduLink One

About ClassCharts

Your contact information

It is vital that the college holds accurate contact information for parents / guardians. If you need to update your contact information with the college, please email

Parental engagement

We value input from parents, and from time to time will seek information from you to help improve the college. This may include online surveys and forums.

If you would like to give us some feedback or a suggestion to improve the college please email