Robertsbridge Community College

Pastoral Care

High expectations are at the heart of all our work. We have a successful mentoring system which enhances the community spirit within the college and provides opportunities for our older pupils to be involved in supporting younger pupils. Our mentoring programme involves a variety of staff, working together to promote positive wellbeing, personal organisation, positive attendance, engagement in all aspects of their school life, celebration of successes, and safe and secure relationships. We are committed to promoting the welfare of every student in our care. 

The college is organised into year groups, allowing us to offer targeted support to students based on their relevant stage and age. Students take part in social and competitive activities to create positive attitudes and strengthen the identity of their mentor groups. Form Mentors have daily contact with their group of students so they can keep regular checks on their welfare and academic progress.

Students are supported through all aspects of their journey by a professional, caring and effective team of staff at the college. Whether they need guidance, mentoring, social and emotional support, or simply some encouragement, our staff are there for them throughout the day to promote and support their learning and overall well-being.

Our Great Learners Charter forms the foundation of our wider approach to managing behaviour, conduct and attitudes to learning. We relentlessly acknowledge and reward students who actively display our agreed social norms. The online system, ClassCharts, helps you support our efforts by track your child’s progress in real-time. When things don’t go according to plan, we use a coaching-based approach in which students have the opportunity to jointly problem-solve what went wrong with their teacher. We call this a coaching 'call-back'. This is a supportive mechanism aimed at restoring, repairing and strengthening relationships.