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What is Prevent?

Prevent aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. It is part of the government’s counter terrorism strategy.

What is terrorism?

Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence or a threat of violence to support a belief or ideology.

What is extremism?

Extremism is the use of extreme behaviour to support a belief or ideology. Not all extremism is harmful or criminal, but sometimes those who behave in an extreme way can go on to become terrorists.

Prevention is better than the cure

Robertsbridge Community College is committed to protecting members of our community from becoming or supporting terrorists. We are doing this by ensuring that we are a strong, safe and well-informed community who feel empowered to reject extremism and terrorism in all its forms.

The threat

Although extremely rare in the UK, terrorism is a danger to us all and we can be threatened by a minority of people who encourage or glorify violence in the name of a political ideology or a religion. The most severe threat to the UK is currently from people returning from international war zones such as Syria and Iraq. Other threats include people who espouse racist or anti-religious views thereby stirring up hatred which can lead to violence.

Our aim

We aim to safeguard all members of our community and share information with the relevant people so that support can be sought when necessary. We want all members of our community to feel empowered to play their part in preventing radicalisation, and for them to know what to do should they suspect somebody is vulnerable to radicalisation.

What to do if you are concerned that somebody is being radicalised

Speak to a member of college staff immediately. Do not keep it to yourself, even if you only suspect that somebody may be vulnerable to radicalisation.

What to do if you see extremist material online

The internet is used by some people to promote terrorism and extremism. Visit which is a dedicated web page where you can report online content you think might be illegal or which you find offensive.

Practical advice for parents and others

The site linked below offers practical advice and information to parents and others at to how protect children from extremism and radicalisation.

Educate Against Hate