Robertsbridge Community College

Safeguarding Information for Visitors

Visitors to the College play an important part of the life of the school.  Robertsbridge Community College has a legal duty of care for the health, safety, security and wellbeing of all students and staff. This duty of care incorporates the duty to 'safeguard' all students from harm and abuse.

We consider that everyone on our site has the personal responsibility to comply with our safeguarding policies in order to ensure your personal safety and that of others. These will be made available for your inspection on request.

Should you hear or see something that gives you cause for concern regarding the safety of a student, please report this immediately to one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads or Student Support Leaders and complete the student Welfare Referral Form available from reception.

For more information please view the document linked below:

Safeguarding Visitor Information Leaflet