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Email contact details are provided below for teaching staff and key pastoral support staff.

Please be aware that on occasions staff may not be able to immediately reply to emails sent to individual mailboxes – for example, when attending training, during holidays or during periods of absence.

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Name Role

Email Address

(for teaching and pastoral staff)

Mr R Adams Associate Assistant Headteacher: Science
Mrs T Adams Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)  
Miss T Amies Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs Z Apps Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Atkinson

Teacher of English 

2nd in English Department: KS3
Mrs M Baker

Lesson Supervisor

Mrs B Baldock

Teacher of Mathematics
Miss S Bayly

Teacher of Mathematics

2nd in Maths Department:KS4
Miss L Bignell Deputy Headteacher: Quality of Education
Mrs K Blackwell Teacher of Mathematics
Mr M Blackwell IT and Communications Manager  
Miss V Bower

Curriculum Leader of Humanities

Professional Tutor
Mr S Brett

Teacher of Science

2nd in Science Department: KS3
Mr G Burton Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Brown Receptionist
Miss R Clutterham Individual Needs Assistant (INA)
Mrs W Coxeter

Careers Adviser

Part-time Receptionist

Ms C Cutler

Teacher of Science
Mr E Dadswell Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mathematics
Mrs J Dallaway School Sports Co-ordinator  
Mr K Davis Premises Manager
Mrs S Davis Teaching Assistant
Miss S Day Design Technology and Art Technician
Miss M Doswell Teaching Assistant
Miss C Dunn Finance Manager
Mrs H Earl Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs D Edwards Facilities and Lettings Assistant/EVC  
Mrs A Eggleston

Senior Student Support Leader: Attendance - Education Welfare Officer
Mrs J Eldon Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)  
Miss M Fairbrass Lesson Supervisor
Mrs R Fisher Teacher of Drama
Mr E Flynn Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mr D Fox Teacher of English
2nd in English Department: KS4
Mrs C Frost

Alternative Provision Lead
Mrs K Glynn

Assistant SENDCo
Mrs L Godfrey Lansdowne Safeguarding Officer
Ms C Green Caretaker  
Ms B Greenwood Business Manager  
Mrs J Harper Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs E Hawkley Assistant Headteacher: Quality of Education
Mr P Healey Associate Assistant Headteacher: English
Mrs N Hillier-Gainey Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)  
Mr N Howe Teacher of Design & Technology
Mrs A Hulley Teacher of Science
Mr L Hunter Teacher of Science
Miss N Janes Teaching Assistant 
Mrs A Jarzabek Curriculum Leader of MFL - French
Mr R Johnston Teacher of Food Technology
Miss D Jones Teaching Assistant
Miss D Kean Teacher of History
Miss J Keen Teacher of English
Miss A Kelly Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Kingshott Student Support Leader: Year 8
Mr R Kuhler Teacher of Music
Mr W Ladd Premises Manager  
Miss M Lamb Curriculum Leader of PE and Independent Learning
Mrs A Langridge Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)  
Mrs K Laundon Curriculum Leader Arts
Mrs G Leeves Clerk to the Governors  
Mrs E Legros-Massey

Safeguarding Manager
Mrs L Linch

Teacher of PE and Dance
Careers Co-ordinator

Teacher i/c PSHE and SMSC
Ms A Lines Lesson Supervisor
Miss V Lynch Teacher of Geography
Miss A Mann Student Support Leader: Year 11
Mr S Martin Teacher of Science
Mrs K Mason SEND Processes Officer
Mr G Matthews Teacher of PE
Mrs L McCarthy Individual Needs Assistant (INA)
Miss A McGeough Deputy Headteacher: Culture & Aspirations
Mrs J McWilliam Clerical Assistant  
Mr B Miller IT Technician
Mr T Mitchell

Teacher of PE
Mr T Moller

Teen Mentor
Mrs J Mountain Student Support Leader: Year 10
Mr E Munar Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Napier Director of Assessments and Cover Operations  
Mr G Nye Caretaker  
Mrs E Parks Teacher of Drama, English and Media Studies
Mrs S Peirce

Teaching Assistant

Miss J Porosinska

Teacher of Mathematics

2nd in Mathematics Department: KS3
Mrs J Porter Finance Manager
Mr B Prestney-Vaughan Subject Leader of Design Technology, ICT and STEM
Mrs V Prestney-Vaughan Teacher of English
Mr P Read

Teacher of English
Ms S Robbins

Student Support Leader: Year 7
Miss L Rogers

Teacher of PE
Mrs S Saunders

Exams Officer

Mrs R Savin

Teacher of Geography

Acting Head of Humanities Department
Mrs A Sellens SEND Facility Manager
Mrs C Sims Clerical Assistant
Mrs T Slack Senior Science Technician
Mrs A Smith

Assistant Headteacher: Inclusion

Mrs G Stables

Teacher of PE and Science
Mrs H Stedman

PA to the Headteacher

HR & Office Manager

Mrs N Tarrant Teacher of ICT
Mr R Taylor Teacher of English and MFL
Miss S Thompson Teacher of Mathematics
Miss M Tillman Individual Needs Assistant (INA)
Miss D Tribe Teaching Assistant  
Mr S Troiani Lead IT Technician
Mr A van Zyl Business Administration/Reprographics Apprentice
Mr Z Vice Headteacher  
Mr R Vincent Curriculum Leader of MFL - Spanish
Miss S Warwick Teacher of Humanities
Mrs A White Teaching Assistant  
Miss L White Data Officer  
Ms L Wilding Student Support Leader: Year 9
Mrs E Winchester Higher Level Teaching Assistant