Robertsbridge Community College

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

We encourage all students to become involved in leadership in a number of ways across the school. Students work in partnership with teachers in a range of projects including peer mentoring, student interviewers, learning researchers and by becoming prefects. Students and teachers are encouraged to work together, so that they become aware of the way that they learn and can contribute to the way that we teach.

The Senior Prefect team is a group of friendly students in Year 11 who are selected by staff and the Leadership Team. One of the main responsibilities of a Senior Prefect is to help new students settle into secondary school life and to make the transition as smooth as possible, as we appreciate that it can be a daunting time. These Prefects are always on hand to help students deal with any problems they might face in their first week and throughout their time at Robertsbridge Community College; whether that be help with homework, friendship difficulties or if they simply want a chat.

Moreover, there is also a huge support network of staff that would all be more than happy to advise and help students throughout their time with us. This includes subject teachers, Student Support Leaders and Learning Mentors.

More About Our Student Council and Prefects

College Council members are selected on an annual basis following an application and interview system. Any student can apply to be a member of the council.

All Senior Prefects are automatic members and the Deputy Head Girl and Boy share responsibility for chairing the meetings which are held once a fortnight.

All students are encouraged to take an active part in college life, in fact most students demand it!! Students are involved in many aspects of the decision making process.

In recent time students have been involved in the appointment of the Headteacher, the design of the outdoor 'social space' and regularly show visitors around the college.

Students are encouraged to apply for positions on the Student Council and during Year 10 to become College Prefects in the final year.

College Council meets every two weeks to discuss a range of issues affecting student life. Senior Prefects meet with the Headteacher on a weekly basis.