Robertsbridge Community College

Teaching & Learning

Our Priorities for Teaching & Learning

At Robertsbridge Community College we are committed to developing the highest quality teaching and learning. Our key priorities are:

  • Developing quality-first teaching and learning for all pupils.
  • All teachers teaching at their best.
  • Engaging and inspiring a love of learning thereby creating expert learners.
  • Developing confident, independent learners who are resilient.
  • Ensuring pupils have the appropriate reading, writing and arithmetic skills to confidently transition into the next phase of education.
  • Creating opportunities for learning that have a real life and relevant context for pupils – enabling them to solve problems.

The Learning Loop

Our approach to teaching uses the 'Learning Loop' - a methodology which enhances the effectiveness of learners and teachers through the use of research-based key principles. The Learning Loop is supported by a set of underpinning elements, and through effective teacher and learner behaviours, which form the second ring of the loop. Our comprehensive CPD programme for staff ensures that we are constantly improving our teaching methods and subject knowledge.