Robertsbridge Community College


We have an ambitious mission on well-being.  We want to ensure that every young person who attends our College, and every adult who works here, learns about the key components of well-being and self-care so they can take these habits into a full and fulfilling life. The evidence from neuroscience and psychology is clear; there are a range of activities every human should do every day to maintain resilience, productivity and to be the best version of themselves.  

Students receive a weekly invitation to complete a 60-second wellbeing check-in. The weekly check-ins from Pulse aim to encourage students to speak up and reflect on their mental, social, and physical wellbeing. The tool also enables us to spot those who need rapid intervention and support. Each week, students will be asked five randomised evidence-based questions from the ARACY framework, starting with a simple yet crucial question, “How are you feeling today?”. When a student flags that they need help, Pulse will allow them to connect with a trusted staff member of their choosing. Added to this, the tool will encourage students to be supportive of each other by showing gratitude in the form of a ‘shout-out’ to a fellow students or staff member.

Our own wellbeing hub acts as a gateway to a range of advice, support and resources to help foster positive wellbeing.

Wellbeing Hub

Below is a resource for students and parents to access to gain further information and support regarding different wellbeing issues.