Robertsbridge Community College


We have an ambitious mission on well-being.  We want to ensure that every young person who attends our College, and every adult who works here, learns about the key components of well-being and self-care so they can take these habits into a full and fulfilling life. The evidence from neuroscience and psychology is clear; there are a range of activities every human should do every day to maintain resilience, productivity and to be the best version of themselves. We call these twelve activities the 'Robertsbridge Rocks' and they form the foundation of our unique annual well-being programme.

If we don’t incorporate these twelve rocks into daily life, we suffer in terms of well-being, resilience and engagement in our lives. We want every one of our students to learn the importance of these activities. We have amazing brains, but we can only be amazing with the right balance of hard work and good, deliberate rest.

Our aim is to make well-being activities a key focus of the experience of being part of our community. The twelve rocks of well-being are:

  • Rock 1 – Good sleep
  • Rock 2 – Exercise
  • Rock 3 – Eating the right food and drinking the right amount of water
  • Rock 4 – Mindfulness
  • Rock 5 – Mind wandering
  • Rock 6 – Being aware, accepting & sharing emotions
  • Rock 7 – Walking outside in nature
  • Rock 8 – Listening to music
  • Rock 9 – Connecting meaningfully with family & friends
  • Rock 10 – Gratitude and Kindness
  • Rock 11 – Engaging with your life’s purpose
  • Rock 12 – Learning, playing, creating



Below is a resource for students and parents to access to gain further information and support regarding different wellbeing issues.