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Work Experience

Why do we believe that work experience is important?

We believe that work experience opens doors for all our year 10 students to have a meaningful experience of the world of work. This fantastic opportunity enables our students to try out a possible career, gain confidence and valuable life skills and make contacts with potential future employers.

Work Experience helps to give you the skills and confidence to cope in the work place, a taste of what it is like to work in your chosen field, and shows you what getting up and going to work each morning is like in general. Being able to illustrate that you have actual experience in the type of work you think you would like to specialise in. You will be able to build up useful contacts and may even be offered a part time job or an apprenticeship. Remember the employer does not get paid to look after you for the week, employers take part because they want to help young people get a good start – so you have to make sure you are committed and enthusiastic and will not waste the employer’s time.

Letters and forms relating to Year 10 Work Experience

Please find the vocational letter and reply slip here: 

WEX 2024 Safeguarding Parent Carer Agreement Form

Please find the student medical forms here:

Vocational Experience Medical Information Form


Please click the link below to visit the Aspire website.

Aspire PP

For more information

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